Assist Our Correspondents in Baghdad with Equipment! - 08.13.2006

Alive in Baghdad needs equipment donations!

We are looking for:

two laptops, 4 mpeg4 cameras, flash memory, and minidv tapes!

Right now Alive in Baghdad is working with three Iraqi correspondents on the ground in Baghdad. They have been producing material for us for one month now, and we've already come across a number of difficulties surrounding our equipment.

First of all, as you are aware if you have followed our blog for awhile, one of our correspondents was kidnapped for about three days a few weeks back. His camera was also smashed by the kidnappers.

Now we have three correspondents with two miniDV cameras and 1 3 megapixel mpeg4 camera. Our hope is to outfit each correspondent with an mpeg4 camera that records on flash memory, as these are the most portable, and concealable, highly important advantages with the current situation in Baghdad.

Isam and Omar have also both informed me that, due to the electricity crisis, remaining in contact via email, and transcribing interviews in arabic for translation has become extremely difficult, and in recent days, near impossible. It is our hope, therefore, to obtain at least 2 laptops, as well as extra batteries, so they'll be able to maintain communication despite long stints without electricity.

We'd hope to find laptops that were light(the shipping will already be awful!) and equipped with pentium 3s or better, and at least 750mhz-1ghz. Please let us know if you can help in this department, and be aware that you can donate this equipment and use it as a tax write-off.

As I've written before, in September we will be entering a new phase, where we expect to post videos with regularity, presenting a new show each week, most likely on Monday morning. By locating this equipment soon and getting it into the hands of our correspondents in Baghdad, you will help ensure we can move on to "AiB 2.0" quickly and with ease.

Please contact us via the form here, if you want to make n equipment donation, or to make a Paypal donation, you can click the link on the right to donate through our fiscal sponsor, or make a donate through our new direct paypal account, aliveinbaghdad at!


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