Colleague Heads to Beirut - 08.09.2006

A colleague of mine, David Enders, is heading to Beirut on Friday.

He works with GNN, the Guerilla News Network, and has written for Mother Jones and the Nation among others.

We will be trying to send a videocamera with him to Beirut, and are currently looking for a contact in Lebanon to do production for us. He and GNN are in a partnership to raise money for his trip and also to support citizen journalists in the future.

If you can support his work, I highly recommend him, and hope you will provide what you can.

By supporting and legitimizing the work of "citizen journalists" you help all of us to provide better content to you the reader and viewer.

Thanks again, and while you're at it, don't forget that we are still fundraising to continue paying our staff in Baghdad! The donate button is just a short click to the right!

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