Check out Alive in Baghdad on Today! - 08.02.2006

For our regular readers, please check out my interview on Rocketboom today, I’m detailing “Alive in Baghdad 2.0″ which we expect to roll out the first week of September.

For those of you who found your way here from Rocketboom, welcome!

What Rocketboom unfortunately did not make clear, is that we are entirely funded by our viewers. Please consider making a donation to support our correspondents and continue our work. Due to the nature of this project, we will not be able to continue “AiB 2.0″ for long without the support of our viewers.

You can donate here through our fiscal sponsor, or contact us about other ways to help!

Please check out our ongoing coverage up until now, via these links:

Episode 1 - Fallujah’s New Refugee Camp

Episode 2 - Welcome to Ruweishid

Episode 3 - An Afternoon at the Gas Station

Episode 4 - Woman Claims Son Killed by US

Episode 5 - An Iraqi Artist Describes Life in Baghdad and Her Work

Episode 6 - A Family Deals with the Legacy of the Gulf War

Episode 7 - Baghdad Hospital Children’s Ward

Episode 8 - Windows on Baghdad, Crisis of Curfews

For those of you interested in more, please view our videoblog or syndicate our RSS feed!

For more information, see the blog entry prior to this one!

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