Alive in Baghdad Enters Third Stage, Please Help Us Sustain! - 08.01.2006

As those of you who have been with us from the beginning are well aware, Alive in Baghdad was started in the summer of 2004, with the intention of providing a space for the voices and images of Iraqis.

On my first trip to the Middle East, I travelled to Jordan and Baghdad, to prove that it was feasible and possible for a videoblogger to travel to a warzone, without the kind of security and funding backing people like Kevin Sites, of the “Kevin Sites: In the Hotzone” Yahoo! blog.

During this trip myself and the Alive in Baghdad team, based in the United States, proved that we could interview Iraqis all over the city of Baghdad, all from a base outside the Green Zone.

You can see one of our first noteworthy videos here:

A Day in Baghdad

I just returned from my second trip, and the second phase of Alive in Baghdad, on July 4th. In our second phase we transported five cameras, microphones, tape, and other necessities to correspondents in the Middle East. By providing this equipment we have established two permanent correspondents, and have one more now in his trial phase.

Together we have begun producing videos about life in Iraq, such as episode 3, which we consider one of our favorites:

An Afternoon at the Gas Station

Now that I am back in the United States for a brief period, we have begun editing video coming directly out of Baghdad, shot entirely by our correspondents there.

You can see some examples of these here:

Windows on Baghdad, Crisis of Curfews

This is our latest piece from correspondent Omar Abdullah.

Baghdad Hospital Children’s Ward

This video was produced with content contributed by correspondent Isam Rasheed

An Iraqi Artist Describes Life in Baghdad and Her Work

This is one of Omar’s first video shoots.

As we move forward into our third stage, we aim to become a sustainable source of regular video from Iraq, and will begin uploading a weekly major episode, while providing additional vignettes where possible.

In September I will be returning to the Middle East, and most likely re-entering Baghdad, in order to expand our operations, bring new equipment to our correspondents, and continuing their training.

In order to make this possible, we are launching a major funding drive, as the cost of keeping correspondents in Baghdad is not cheap! Please consider helping us continue our work. We are currently accepting donations via paypal through the Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center, which you can make via the Donate link.

If you are interested to help out or get involved in other ways, we still need help coding, as well as equipment for our correspondents and to expand the project. Please email me at aliveinbaghdad at or respond via the contact form in our Contact section above with any questions, comments, suggestions, or offers of support.

Please syndicate our mainpage to have ongoing updates, or if you are interested primarily in our video, you may syndicate our video alone as well.

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