Windows on Baghdad, Crisis of Curfews - 08.01.2006

Everyday Baghdad is under curfew for at least 10 hours. On Fridays they are under curfew for a grueling 15 hours.

The implementation of the curfew has destroyed Baghdad’s once vaunted nightlife. While neighborhoods such as Mansur once boasted nightlife to rival that of New York’s East Village or San Francisco’s Mission District, now the streets are quiet by six each evening.

The extended curfew, following Baghdad’s new security plan has been just one more insult to Iraqis. Where they once boasted an artistic, worldly, and highly cultured way of life, now they find themselves bored as often as they are frightened.

This video features b-roll, intercut with text comments from Iraqis about the affect of the curfew, because they were to scared to be on camera. As the occupation continues and life becomes more dangerous each day, it seems more and more likely we will rely on this kind of format to bring you images of life in Baghdad.

As always, please consider making a donation to support our correspondents in Baghdad and continue our work bringing out images of daily life in Baghdad, against the backdrop of violence and war.

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