Poems for A Kidnapped Correspondent - 07.30.2006

The “Newsmericks” blog has two limericks posted in regards to our recently released correspondent. I wanted to post them here so everyone can appreciate their words of support as I do.

Limerick One:

In Baghdad, videography can earn
You a kidnapping, (thatís what we learn)
A blogger abducted
(By Guards unobstructed)
Letís all speak out for his safe return!

Limerick Two:
(a comment from padmaja iyengar)

This is what happens in a rogue state,
Which cannot freedom in any form tolerate.
This is the height of intolerance,
of perversion and of violence.
Let’s pray for the safe return of the blogmate.

Again thanks to everyone for your support, Omar will be interviewing Marwan about the incident sometime today, and we will blog more about it as soon as possible. We also hope to have photos and video from the interview soon, with Marwan’s consent.

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