An Iraqi Artist Describes Life in Baghdad and Her Work - 07.08.2006

In this episode, Omar Abdullah takes you to an art gallery showing in Baghdad’s Wazariyah neighborhood, which is located near the more well-known Adhamiya neighborhood, home of the Abu Hanifa Mosque.

Mayada Ali discusses the impetus behind her work and sends a message to the American people. Some of the video is a bit jumpy, and perhaps the shots of art aren’t as steady as  you might desire.

Omar is just learning, so please forgive his mistakes as you would any first-time video blogger!

Alive in Baghdad has been totally funded by donations from our viewers. Now that we have correspondents working in Baghdad we must maintain a budget of about $3000.00 US per month, so if you appreciate the work our correspondents are doing, please consider making a donation to support them!

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