Blues Concert in Amman Reminiscent of Old Baghdad - 07.05.2006

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I recently attended a Blues concert in Amman, with my Iraqi friends Uday, Muhanid, and Ali.

Afterwards I went out for a couple drinks with Uday. He seemed a bit despondent while we were out. When I asked him what was up, he explained that things like this concert weren’t so rare in Baghdad just 6 or 7 years ago, and before 10 or 15 years, were really common.

I hope by posting a small clip of a concert in Amman featuring a Spanish Blues band I can help to better describe the nuanced reality of life in the Middle East.

When we talk about the situation in Iraq, we need to be clear that not only have they lost stability and security and descended into sectarianism and in-fighting, they’ve also lost their access to a wide array of cultural heritage, from as near as the Tigris and Furat to as far away as Japanese Butu dancing and American metal bands.

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