The Curfew in Baghdad - 06.28.2006

One of the most unusual things happening in Baghdad is the curfew which it starts from 8pm and ends at 5am. On Friday it starts from 11am and ends at 4pm to protect the people who go to mosques for prayers. I asked some people about the curfew and there answers were different. Ahmad, 21 years old, said “Now we donít have night in Baghdad and you know that the night is most beautiful part of the day.”

I asked a woman, her name is Thekraa, about her opinion of the curfew and she said, “I think Iraq will be in a good condition if the government removed the curfew because I donít see any differences between the old security plan and the new one. The curfew locks us in our home at night time and I think 8pm is a little too much. If the government will make it start at 12am it would be good for us as people live in Baghdad.”

I asked an Iraqi police officer, who refused to say his name, about the new security plan and about the curfew and he said “I think the curfew is good for the people’s safety but it prevents them from shopping at night time and I hope Iraq becomes clear from terrorists and clear from bombs so everybody can come and go safely. I’ll be very happy if this thing comes soon ”

Well for me I want everybody in Iraq to become happy, because the people here are really sad from what is happing in their country.

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