Some Arab News from Iraq over the Weekend - 06.20.2006

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Here is a summary of some security occurrences in Baghdad, from Arab news sources, Al-Khaleej Times, Al-Rafidain, and a few other agencies:

The violence show in Baghdad is still ongoing and the security plan and the curfew(Operation Forward Together) on some neighborhood ended its fourth day, also five explosions happened and some attacks north and south of Baghdad and that resulted for 34 people killed and at least 73 wounded and one American soldier killed and two soldiers considered as lost, and the American troops arrested 130 gunmen and killed three of them after an raid as they said.

And the most violence attacks happened on the corporate checkpoint for Iraqi police and the Iraqi army at the Al – Olwiyah neighborhood which in Baghdad and that result 11 from the soldiers and security men, and 15 wounded from a suicide bomber by car

Another explosion happened from IED at Haraj market in Baghdad and that resulted for 5 people killed and 25 wounded, and there are 4 people killed and 7 wounded from an explosion of a bomb inside a bus at Al Ameen neighborhood east south of Baghdad

And there is one civilian killed and 5 wounded from a car bomb targeting a police patrol near the national theater at Al Karadah neighborhood.

Three mortars exploded in Al Sarabadi market at Al Kademiya neiborhood in Baghdad (north) and that resulted 2 Iraqis killed and other 14 wounded ..yesterday Saturday

In Al Mahmoodiya (30km south of Baghdad ), a security source said there are 7 killed and 6 injured from an explosion of car bomb which was on the side of the road near Al Sader office , and killed a city councilman in Diwaniyah, the police said” unknown gunmen shot Rasim Musa the councilman and his two sons killed with him in Al Daghara (east of Diwaniyah) yesterday “

There was an IED explosion targeting an iraqi army patrol placed on the side of a road in the Jurf AL Sakhr neighborhood northwest Hillah, that resulted in the death of 1 soldier and 1 officer was injured as well as damaging one military vehicle.

And the Iraqi defense ministry said there is three”terrorist” killed as they mentioned and thery detained other 130, three of them, were wonted, in the last 24 hours according to security operations in many places in iraq

There was one American soldier killed and two soldiers considered as lost after attak happened in last Friday.. and from a American military source, “after an attack against the soldiers at the checkpoint near Al Yousfiya north of Baghdad and the army sent an rapid response team to search about them”

The leader of 8 groups of resistance in Iraq “ Majlis Shoura Al Mujahideen “ said in Iraq by a voice message “the fighting against the coalition troops which are leaded by the American will be more tough and violence”

The American army arrested 10 Iraqis at sun rise on Saturday and injured one woman during a raid operation north of Falluja after they landed(apparently a minor air assault), and A policeman called Ali Hammad said “the force of American army dropped obove three houses in Abi Sadeera Village (5 km north Falluja) at 2 am and that resulted one woman injured and detained of 10 persons and burned one car and destroyed, burned the furniture of some houses by sound grenades under this operation which is still to 5 am

and by car bomb explosion at 7:15 pm today against a patrol of special forces of interior ministry in Al Jihad Neighborhood and that resulted of killing 5 soldiers and injured others

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