Ramadi Assault Begins - 06.18.2006

At 11:30PM Local time here in Amman, the local version of CNN ran a headline:

Insurgent Crackdown Begins

A CNN Embedded journalist reported on the beginning of the Ramadi assault. Unfortunately there were many errors in CNN’s report.

CNN implied that phonelines and electricity were only just cut, despite copious evidence, and on-the-ground reports from Ramadi’s residents that these services were cut well over a month ago.

According to CNN, US forces entered a suburb just south of Ramadi, and found that at least half the residents had vacated their homes. He implied that US Military forces expected intelligence that these residents had fled was false.

We have not been able to reach Qasem, since hearing that his brother was killed, nor have we been able to contact anyone else in the city.

We are still endeavoring to make contact with Ramadi, and if we can locate news coverage outside of embedded reports, you can expect to see them here immediately.

There are currently some conflicting reports, although most reports have suggested that there are no plans for a “full-scale assault,” it’s unclear what exactly this means.

Until then, here is one report from IRIN, as well as several embedded reports from the press:

US pressures insurgents in Iraq’s Ramadi
US bid to curb Ramadi militants
US, Iraqis plant new outposts in Ramadi

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