Another Nice Day in Baghdad - 06.18.2006

[Note: “Lurky” is working as a correspondent for Alive in Baghdad, inside Baghdad. We expect he will begin posting regular entries about life on the ground.]

As usual I was doing my work like every day, spending a lot of time trying to make some interviews with people about Iraq and what’s going on in Iraq. Today I was trying to set up an appointment with a woman who owns a book shop in Tahrir square in the middle of Baghdad. In the morning I was trying to get there on time but its Baghdad you can’t get anywhere in Baghdad on time because of the traffic and the large number of checkpoints which prevent anyone from getting to an appointment on time, anyhow I got there late after 30 minutes. Then I started little chat with the women in her shop, about books and how many people buying these books. At 12pm I left her shop to go home, I was riding in a cab, it was too hot and the cab didn’t have air-conditioning. I started to think about the questions I’d ask that lady on the next day, then I remembered that my girlfriend asked me to bring her a love story from that shop. I totally forgot about it, after that I was looking in my notebook, trying to organize some meetings. Well, we got out of the traffic jam that we were stuck in, suddenly I heard such large noise from people yelling, “A TIME BOMB!” Then a big blast takes place I couldn’t see anything because of the dust, people started to run everywhere and in every direction, the cab driver start to screaming “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” then I felt that there was something liquid on my face. I wiped my hand on my face and looked at my hand one more time. And it was bloody, the glasses scratched my face but not too bad. My hand was scratched too, then I wiped the blood with a little piece of cloth. At that time I noticed that the bomb this time was too close, and when I get home I just washed my face with some water. I had lunch with my family just like nothing happened, and that was another nice day in Iraq.

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