With Iraq, You’re Always Waiting - 06.17.2006

So today I decided to take a little break, I’ve been here almost a month and a half, I think I deserve a vacation!

I went to Amman’s Citadel, a ruin dating from around the 8th century A.D.

I’ll be uploading photos tomorrow with some background on Qala’a.

Unfortunately, Iraq doesn’t wait for you to go on vacation. We were supposed to receive the tapes today, finally!

Our driver left Baghdad this morning, transporting 10 or 12 MiniDvs shot by Omar in Baghdad over the last few weeks.

As of 3am local time here in Amman, we still haven’t heard from him. Could be something happened to him, or it could be he was just tired and wanted to see his wife and will call us tomorrow, we don’t know.

At this point we’re still waiting.

The security situation is greatly increased these days on the border between Jordan and Iraq, we’ve even heard about a giant X-Ray machine, supposedly used to examine cars for weapons and other equipment that might be smuggled between the two countries.

With Zarqawi’s death a storm of controversy has arisen. We’ve begun seeing checkpoints on roads late at night with the police checking cars, after the detention of 4 Ministers of Parliament.

A recent article by Aaron Klein, a noted conservative columnist and correspondent for World Net Daily, security information has suggested that Egypt, Israel, and Jordan are being considered for terrorist attacks in the near future.

Accounts such as these continue to weaken the already difficult border relations between Jordan and Iraq. The rest of the press appears to have not picked up this particular story yet however, so its contents is certainly still questionable.

All we can do is wait and see.

I was only able to speak briefly with Omar tonight and heard upsetting news, apparently he was hit by an IED attack and was injured. I am still unaware of his degree of injury, but I assume if it was serious I would know more.

When we have an update tomorrow it will be quickly forthcoming. Once again, waiting is all we have.

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