24 Hours in Baghdad - 06.16.2006

24 Hours of Baghdad was envisioned in the tradition of such filmmakers as Andy Warhol, modelled after such pictures as “Empire.”

By Showing a 24-hour period in Baghdad, shot in three minute segments every hour, we hope certain things will be better understood about Baghdad. For example, particular neighborhoods often go for more than a few days without gunfire or attacks.

People fill the streets throughout the day, coming and going, living their daily lives. Only after curfew does this particular intersection quiet down.

We hope this video will provide some new insight and help dispel the idea that Baghdad is a constant warzone. Rather, it is a city on the edge, at any moment the lid might come off and you’ll find yourself on a battlefield. Or just one second passes and your life is over from a stray bullet or a carbomb.

This is the knowledge that Iraqis take with themselves throughout their daily journeys.

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