Jordan Detains MPs For Offering Condolence to Zarqawi’s Family - 06.14.2006

Yesterday Jordanians were again shocked to hear that four MPs from Jordan’s House of Representatives were detained by the public prosecutor.

In Islam, its expected that you offer condolences to families that lose sons, particularly when the son is considered to be martyred while engaged in Jihad. It is also particularly important when the family member comes from a very large tribe.

Abu Musab’s tribe is considered to be one of the largest in Jordan. After the detention of these MPs as well as his brother-in-law, and the refusal to allow his burial in his home country, its anyone’s guess what might happen next in Jordan.

The MPs were from Jordan’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Action Front. Other branches include the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in Palestine, and the Iraqi Islamic Party, in Iraq.

Read more about the detenion of these ministers here:

Khaleej Times



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