Update 2, Zarqawi, Islamic Army, Al-Jazeera - 06.08.2006

Today Al-Jazeera interviewed Ibrahim Shimeri, a representative from the Islamic Army in Iraq.

Here is what he had to say, about Zarqawi and Al Qa’eda in Iraq

We are very sad for his lost. We are sad to lose a dear brother. It is hurtful and bad news, we have been brothers in religion and against the occupation of Iraq.

AJ - How will this affect the resistance?

IS - It will not afect us, we will keep fighting until we are victorious, or we are martyred.

I want to ask Al Qa’eda to concentrate on their security because what happened proves there is serious security penetration and what happened last night confirmed it.

AJ - Will you join the political process now in Iraq?

IS - We will never do this. The political process is not clean. We are mujahideen and the US are liars. We will keep fighting until we kick the US out of Iraq and return the rights of Iraqis from this government and the previous government(of Al-Jaafari).


I post this to increase an understanding of the resistance in Iraq, not to give support to Jeish al-Islamiya fi Iraq, or to Al-Qa’eda fi Iraq. The Islamic Army is the second largest resistance group in Iraq, after the Mujahideen Shura, or Mujahideen Council. This group is widely attributed in the press to be “Al-Qa’eda” or a “front for Al-Qa’eda.”

In reality the Mujahideen Shura is a unified command of Al-Qa’eda in Iraq as well as other smaller resistance groups throughout the country. We will try to provide more insight to this in the future.

Finally, the Jordanian government released a statement claiming that they worked with the Coalition to assist them with information and intelligence on Zarqawi, but were not involved in the actions directly leading to his death last night.

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