Sadir, an Iranian Kurd, Talks About Life as a Refugee - 05.23.2006

In this 12 minute interview with a young man named Sadir, you will hear about the plight of Iranian Kurds. Sadir and his fellow Iranian Kurds have been living in the desert near Jordan’s border with Iraq for 3 years.

They have been awaiting resettlement in a third country since they fled Iraq in 2003. They are not allowed to leave the camp, and can only have vistors who receive official permission from the King, the Interior Ministry office, or the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

With the help of an NGO working to provide school supplies to the Ruweishid Refugee Camp, Alive in Baghdad was able to gain access to the camp and interview several of the refugees there.

This is the first of several interviews you can expect, we will also be uploading a short edited piece about Ruweishid, hopefully by the coming weekend.

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