More Destruction and More Victims Leads to More Fighters - 05.12.2006

Another email from Qassem in Ramadi… This is only part of his email, but I want to read through and make it easier to understand his english, also I’m hoping to provide some more context for the situation in Ramadi.

As for me, I am in Amman, I slept for 12 hours after being awake for 36 travelling. I met with the NCCI as well as Kathy Kelly and Kathy Breen, and my flatmate Justin Alexander who works with UNAMI. Expect more about all of these people and their organizations soon. I have to be in touch with Rafat, my friend and “fixer” and I hope we’ll start shooting video interviews by tomorrow or Saturday.

Now this from Qassem:

Now the situation in Ramadi and the ways around it going to be worse more……US troops going to install more snipers towers and at 7th May 2006 US attacked the train station of Ramadi completely is the third attack for this station although it is empty and surrounded by the local people houses……
US snipers occupied more houses such as ( Mr.Fasaal Alassafi ’s house) .the US snipers used to make the houses military bases for snipers and hunt any body moving around them….
The people in Ramadi called Iraqi fighters whose attacking US forces ( Resistance ) .resistance still watching and attacking US troops hardly .

For the Ramadi people think that Resistance is the Iraqi victims relatives of US boming ,and they believe that Resistance revenging for the Iraqis whose killed by US troops .
The main problem is that US troops think that by hurting civilians they will force resistance to stop the attacks but the clear fact is that Resistance got more members and getting stronger when more civilians killed……the other problem is that the people here have no way to stop US troops crimes only by defending their houses by them selves ……they believe that the world ignored them ….so no peace chance can be useful .

The streets of Ramadi full with destroyed buildings ,houses and burned cars ,I know very well that all of them destroyed by US troops in add there occupied schools and houses.
I believe there is bad experience for my people with the US people never trust US troops and US troops never trust us…….we living with our families and children in our houses and they living in their tanks with weapons among our houses…….

Now in Ramadi most the streets are dangerous because of US snipers and services is almost not found because US troops destroyed telephone station ,mobile service ,electricity and water services …..the main reason to destroy this services is to punish the civilians because they do not help US troops to kill the fighters……for me I believe that my people never agree to help some body to kill any body ….. US can get out the city to avoid attacks it is the easier choice for Iraqis and US soldiers ….and it is the best choice to get peace without blood.I know that the fighters need to get back their life and stay with their families again with peace and US soldiers want this also ….both of them need the chance and US troops can make this chance.

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