Alive in Baghdad back to Baghdad, well, Amman! - 05.07.2006

As many of you are no doubt aware, I have once again been derelict in my duties as founder and coordinator of this website. This is because the past week has involved hectic preparations for a return trip to the Middle East

As I type this I have one hour until I leave for JFK airport to hop a plane back to the Middle East. I have a short layover in Frankfurt Germany and expect to arrive in Amman at approximately 8:40pm local time.

Through the dedicated assistance of Alive in Baghdad’s readership, we’ve raised enough money not only to go back for 2 months, but also to take many cameras over with us.

I’ll be bringing 6 cameras including my own, and expect to begin producing media from Amman almost immediately and to get these cameras into the hands of our “correspondents” in Iraq and Amman’s Iraqi refugee community as quickly as possible thereafter.

Our goal is to be uploading a number of interviews each week, as well as myself providing regular “headline” news updates from Amman, over video, audio, and text. These news updates will be aimed at cutting through the rhetoric and informing people not in the Middle East or lacking access to Al-Jazeera and similar stations, about the view from the ground.

We hope to very soon have a bi-monthly news program put together combining reports from Amman and Baghdad with general news updates as well. This will also be available by video initially and hopefully audio as well soon after.

Please stay tuned, and also look for the launch of our new site in the Drupal codebase. It will look nearly identical, but should correct some of the functionality problems we currently face.

As always, any donations are heartfully accepted, money, cameras, tape, audio equipment, and computers are all worthwhile and needed donations. Please feel free to email me for further information!

aliveinbaghdad at

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