Jawad Al’Maliki, Interesting Bedfellow - 04.24.2006

It’s late, but I haven’t posted this weekend, so let me drop this short item.

Jawad Al’Maliki was selected for Prime Minister and the parliament met over the weekend. Al’Maliki is an interesting candidate, holding the distinction of having fled to Syria under Saddam’s regime. Many of Iraq’s other well-known politicians such as Al’Jaafari, Al’Hakim, and Al”Mehdi, fled at least for a time to Iran. Others such as Iyad Allawi and Ahmed Chalabi spent a fair amount of time in the UK. At the end of the day, at least on the surface, it seems this avoidance of time spent in Iran has been a real deciding factor in Al’Maliki’s candidacy for Prime Minister.

Look at these analysts’ take on Al’Maliki, while you’re waiting for my own take on the issue:

Just World News: Da’wa Wins

Juan Cole has a fantastic breakdown of Al’Maliki, translated from Al’Hayat and others: Al-Maliki Acceptable, Say Kurds, Sunni Arabs

Also check out Reidar Visser’s always enlightening insights, but be prepared for a bit of a read: Centralism and Unitary State Logic in Iraq from Midhat Pasha to Jawad al-Maliki: A Continuous Trend?

Also, please check out the Iraqi Blogs, they’ve been continuing to provide some valuable insight, particularly given some recent posts by “ChristianIraqi”

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