Tom Fox Killed; Christian Peacemakers Resolved to Remain in Iraq - 03.10.2006

The State Department identified Tom Fox today as the American man who was found in Iraq yesterday.

I only met Tom last fall in Baghdad, but I considered him a friend. He was a good man and dedicated to the practice of peace and nonviolence. Unfortunately Tom was kidnapped in Iraq on the 26th of November.

I have repeatedly expressed to friends and colleagues my hope that Tom and the rest of the CPT would be released alive. This development is upsetting and fills me with the utmost sadness and desperation about the situation in Iraq.

I still hope that Norman Kember, Jim Loney, and Harmeet Singh will be released safely by their captors.

I also want to reiterate what the CPT themselves have said previously. The United States and the UK are directly responsible for the fate of the CPT members, Jill Carroll, and other media and aid workers who’ve been killed in Iraq.

I hope there will be a full investigation and that all possible suspects in the death of Tom and the kidnappings of Jill Carroll and the remaining CPTers will be considered. It should not be forgotten that Rory Carroll, a Guardian correspondent, was kidnapped by members of the Iraqi Police after he ventured unannounced into Sadr City. Ahmed Chalabi himself is considered to have been instrumental in his release.

The recurring failure of the mainstream press, the State Department, and the anti-war movement itself, to examine Iraq in a complete context, one that understands the impact and importance of colonialism and the redrawing of Middle Eastern borders by Britain and the West, is directly related to our failure to create solidarity movements with the people of Iraq.

I hope Tom’s death will encourage others to work harder to understand the various elements at play in Iraq, and that the anti-war movement will not simply use Tom as an instrument in opposing the Bush Administration, but will see his tolerance as a model to follow to increase our understanding of Iraqis and other cultures being targetted by United States imperialism.

Please see the CPT’s statement about Tom’s death here.

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