US and UK Withdrawal from Iraq in 2007? - 03.04.2006

The Sunday Telegraph, a UK paper is reporting that the US and UK will withdraw all forces by 2007.

First of all, this article is weak and only cites one anonymous “senior defense source.” I consider this to be suspect and, although perhaps indicative of an inevitable turn of events and a path the occupation forces are walking down, certainly this is not yet cause for the Iraqi Resistance or the global anti-war and anti-occupation activists to celebrate.

Secondly, I am going to put into writing for the first time something I’ve been consistently reiterating at speaking events throughout the month of February.

If the UK, US, and the rest of the “Coalition of the Willing” withdraw their forces in 2007 it does not necessarily mean the situation for Iraqis will change greatly. Over the last week and a half, since the bombing of the Al’Askariya Shrine in Samarra, the involvement of Iraqi militias in securing the country has been widespread.

Unfortunately, it is these same “militias” who are assassinating Iraqis on a regular basis. You can bet they will still be committing these acts and driving Iraq toward “civil war.” Civil war, however, is an inaccurate and problematic term for defining what’s currently happening in Iraq. more appropriate would be “wholesale extermination of Iraqis involved with the Ba’ath party.”

One might even call it genocide.

As in Africa, this genocide and extermination will be funded and supported by the multi-national corporations currently entrusted with the reconstruction of Iraq’s geography and the neoliberal institutions restructuring its economy.

For one of the latest examples of how this is reconstruction is being carried about by foreign firms please read this article, regarding the rebuilding effort newly decided in Najaf:

The planning agency which designed Milton Keynes has been handed the job of reshaping a city which is no stranger to adversity: Najaf, in Iraq.

In the event that troops from the US and UK do withdraw from Iraq in 2007, if the multi-national corporations who gained access to Iraq’s resources and are now profiting off its devastation because of the American invasion, it should be considered an unnacceptable tragedy.

For Iraqis to “stand up” they need to be given the right to decide, democratically and by referendum, what role foreign investment should play in their economy.

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