Dahr Jamail Keeping Abu Ghraib Scandal in the Public Eye - 02.23.2006

Dahr Jamail, another independent reporter who has covered the war in Iraq is doing a great service over at his site, DahrJamailIraq.com. He has hosted all of the videos and photos that have been released in the recent news reports, as well as the video of the British military attacking Iraqi youths in the south of Iraq.

Here is some of his post:

Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches

February 18, 2006
SBS Torture Video, British Abuse Video and Photos of Torture and Abuse of Iraqis

In an effort to keep the videos and footage of abuse and torture of Iraqis by American and British forces in Iraq available despite U.S. government and Pentagon censorship efforts, we have decided to post them all.

Below are brief descriptions of each video and groups of photographs, followed by a link where they may be viewed.

UK News Of the World shows British Troops Beating Iraqi Youth
February 2006

The UK’s News of the World showed a 2 minute video of British Troops dragging a number of Iraqi youth involved in a protest behind a gate and then violently beating them. The News of the World website states that “The News of the World has a long history of supporting British troops - which is why we believe out heroes are shamed by these thugs [the troops doing the beating]”. Obviously “these thugs” not only include the numerous individuals involved with the actual beating, but the tens of troops who walked by the incident unconcerned, and the man with the gun and video camera who was filming while cheering the “thugs” on. The video gives the distinct impression that this type of behavior is widespread amongst the British Troops.

To view this disturbing video, click here

To view his entire piece, please visit his site!

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