State of a Lack of Union in Iraq, A Preview of Tonight’s Address - 01.31.2006

[Editor’s note: I’m going to diverge slightly from my usual style of posting for this entry. I am writing this piece in response to the call from Radio Open Source for “Blogging the Union” or “BOTU”]

Tonight, as we look toward the future, and wonder what fortunes 2006 will bring, it’s a good time to look back at the past year, 2005.

In 2005 the occupation expanded.

In 2005 two illegal elections, organized under an occupying force, were imposed. In direct violation of the Geneva and Hague 4 conventions, a constution was imposed, created by elites and expatriates, with the interest of the elites put ahead of the people. Despite the large secular and diverse intermarriage of much of the nation’s populace, these concerns were ignored, generally in favor of divisiveness and sectarianism.

In 2005, there is no longer a nation. The government is in shambles and all appearances of forward momentum reflect individual gains by individual parties. Each party considers the interests of its members or its tribe first, and the interests of a unified nation second.

In 2005, cities all over the western part of the nation were devastated by American airpower and explosive destruction. Rather than breaking the back of the insurgency, or the resistance, it has seen a renewed strength, perhaps even a resurgence. Today, the minimal gains of the December elections lie in shambles. The political process, once an opportunity for reunifying diverse struggles, looks only like a sham, utilized for further sectarianism.

In 2005, divisiveness between those who have always lived in the nation, before Saddam’s fall, has prevented a unified national response to the occupation and its proxies. The Uncle Tom’s of Baghdad are running the show, the roosters are in control of the henhouse.

No matter what the President of the United States may try to say this evening, remember these things. The nation is in disarray, and should not even be considered, at this time, as a nation. But with a unified response, and a direct call for an end to sectarianism and the occupation, the nation may yet repair itself from these difficulties and be resurrected from this disasterous state.

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