In Their Own Words Tour Events January 30th-February 5th - 01.30.2006

Here’s an update in the ongoing “In Their Own Words” Alive in Baghdad tour.

Tonight I’ll be speaking in Dover New Hampshire at the Dover Friends Meeting House. The event begins at 6:30 PM. I suspect given the timing of this event, I’ll be attempting to foreshadow what President Bush will speak about at his State of the Union address tomorrow. We can expect he’ll detail how the administration has met each deadline in the “march toward democracy.”

Unfortunately, if he does make these remarks, we need to remember how innaccurate they are. The attempts of the US and an elite minority of Iraq expatriates to impose a consitution rife with problems didn’t meet their arbitrary deadline, in fact the deadline was extended multiple times and despite the legal requirement for the government to dissolve after failing to meet the constitution deadline, this requirement was ignored so that an elite minority could impose drastic changes on Iraqi life through a constitution that was approved after only a minority of Iraqis were capable of viewing the document!

This is just one of the disasters that has occurred while the Bush Adminstration has been meddling in Iraq’s affairs and creating systemic social chaos.

On Wednesday, the 1st of February, I’ll be speaking in Rutland Vermont. The event will begin at 6:30 in the Rutland Free Library’s Fox Room. I’m hoping to be able to organize several other events in the future in Vermont, however at this point, there is nothing in the works. If you’re reading this and you’re in Vermont or have contacts in Vermont, please send them my way: aliveinbaghdad (at) I’ll probably direct much of this event around presenting the Iraqi situation, and responding to whatever deception and misdirection President Bush attempts to provide during his State of the Union address.

Then this weekend, I’ll be heading to NCOR, the National Conference on Organized Resistance While there I’ll present a workshop and discussion of the situation in Iraq. I’ll also have a table where I’ll be showing video clips from Iraq and be available for longer discussion and questions about the situation in Iraq. Because of the nature of NCOR, I’ll most likely focus a little more on the radical side of Iraqi politics and how we can stand in solidarity with the people of Iraq. I also hope we can have a lively discussion about the role of resistance to the war and occupation in Iraq.

I hope many of my readers will be able to come to the events this week! Please also contact me if you live in an area of the country where you haven’t yet heard I’ll be coming. I’ll be back in Massachusetts and Maine the week after NCOR. Currently I am working on scheduling more events in upstate New York as well as Michigan and on the West Coast.

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