Benefit Show Big Success! - 12.30.2005

This past Wednesday, December 28th, Evan Greer of Riot Folk organized a benefit show for Alive in Baghdad.

The benefit was attended by over one hundred individuals and raised eight hundred dollars for the Alive in Baghdad project!

The Alive in Baghdad Project would like to use this space to thank Riot Folk, Evan Greer, and all the performers at the benefit show. Furthermore, if you are interested in helping set up a similar benefit show or screening of video from Iraq, or speaking event, please write the project at .

We would also like to use this place to remind readers of the site and viewers of our video clips and photos that this is only a small portion of the necessary budget to continue this project. If you value the straightforward content and analysis available here, you should donate to keep this project alive.

If you believe in enabling the public to view the images of Iraq and Iraqis telling it like it is, through their own voices, you should donate to keep this project alive.

If you believe in having a place to look for a one-stop clearinghouse of Iraqi opinion, via their collected blogs, you should donate to keep this project alive.

Keep in mind that this is second to last day of 2005, and that donations to the project are tax-deductible.

As 2006 begins, the prospects for an end to the occupation and war in Iraq seem slim. I am hoping to go back to Baghdad and continue producing content that reveals a more accurate picture of the situation in Iraq.

This can’t be done without your help. Keep in mind that nearly 50,000 people have viewed this site. If each of them gave even $1, we would be able to continue working from Iraq for the entirety of 2006. Please consider giving 5, 10 or $25, more if you can! We need to raise $6000 just to pay off debts and return to Iraq for one month, approximately $3000/month is needed to work in the country for each subsequent month.

Please Donate Now!

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