Photo Update: Images from Fallujah and More Evidence of Torture - 11.15.2005

Although it will be difficult for the Alive In Baghdad Project to continue doing in-depth firsthand reporting on the situation in Iraq, we will continue to post analysis about the events unfolding in Iraq. We will also continue to provide stories and images of the ongoing difficulties facing Iraqis under occupation.

The latest photos are from Fallujah. They were taken two weeks ago on November 1st, just before the one year anniversary of the last siege of the city. Sami and I hope these pictures will help to convey some sense of what Fallujah is like to those living in the United States and other countries outside Iraq. We also obtained a few photos from another interviewee, by the name of Hudaa. These photos were posted to the Flickr gallery yesterday.

Another feature of the site you can expect to see continue will be the photos of torture victims in Iraq. Unfortunately these gruesome element of the situation in IRaq doesn’t appear to be decreasing anytime soon. Unless something drastic changes will we continue to bring you these photos, in an effort to shed light on one of the most disturbing elements of the new Iraqi government, the appearance of state-sanctioned death squads and torture.

Expect more in-depth analysis of the situation in Iraq in the days to come.

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