Back in the States, but Life in Baghdad Continues… - 11.13.2005

I’ve returned to the States at this point, but the Alive in Baghdad project will continue. I will be posting some articles soon about several ongoing issues of concern in Baghdad and Iraq.

Although two and a half years have passed since President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” and officially ended major operations in Iraq, the living situation is still incredibly unstable. During my recent time in Iraq, I experienced the daily power cuts and was forced to spend many nights working in the dark. After only three weeks in Baghdad the daily experiences of Iraqis under Occupation began to feel familiar.

I have spent time in the long gas lines in Baghdad, and watched American tanks roll by the queue. Each time a tank passed, I worried that this would be the time an IED (improvised explosive device) would destroy us, the patrol, and surrounding traffic. Each night I listened to the Blackhawk helicopters fly overhead and watched the empty streets, disturbed only by the flashers of Iraqi Police vehicles and occasional American tank patrols.

Now that I’m back in the United States, I will be posting stories about the situation in Baghdad and throughout Iraq. You can look forward to videos and articles dealing with the daily life experiences of Iraqis under the Occupation via our contacts in the region. Upcoming articles will focus on the gas, power, and security instabilities, ongoing torture and detention and the prospects of the Iraqi constitution.

Until I return to Iraq, I will be touring the U.S. to speak about the situation in Baghdad, my experiences there, and what I’ve learned from Iraqis. I will present the feelings and concerns of Iraqis in their own words, and their messages to the American people.

Assuming that all goes according to plan, I expect to be back on the ground in Iraq within two or three months. It is essential we continue to provide reports about the situation on the ground from the people living each day in Baghdad and the rest of Iraq.

Editor’s Note: please see the flickr gallery, for our latest photos from an attack on an American Humvee. Expect to see more photos in the days to come.

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