New Transcripts Posted on Blip - 11.05.2005

Ok folks, we are going to try something new. From now on transcripts will no longer be posted to the front page of the site. Their extensive length makes the reading quite difficult for new visitors searching the archives and front page. From now on the transcripts will be posted to

For the time being the transcripts will be posted to, until we can get the Video page functioning again, of course all the videos are available at as well.

Here are the three latest transcripts:

Hussein Raed Rudha, a taxi driver in Baghdad:

Jamal Abdullah Al Hurami, a professor at the Agriculture College in Baghdad:

Private Security Defense Officer, wished to remain anonymous:

I hope to post at least short segments of each of these interviews soon. The interview with the PSD was conducted by Merky and shot by his brother Lurky, who have both been supporting me as translators/fixers during my time in Baghdad. Each interview was translated by Lurky.

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