Candlelight Hacking… - 10.27.2005

After many internet woes, I have obtained internet access from home. It is a 52000 bps dial-up connection and has been iffy, but hey, we’re online from the house now!

Because of the ongoing power outages in Iraq my fixer, “Lurky” and I found ourselves in the dark as the computer modem’s siren song sang out to us in the dark. Now that we have the computer connection, I’ll hopefully be posting updates and articles more regularly.

Last night at about 4am I posted the first video upload from Baghdad, AIB is well on its way to running active video updates from Iraq, but tonight the 52000 bps is just not doing enough. Today has been a long and frustrating day, but we have scheduled many interviews for Saturday and are working on travelling to Kerbala, perhaps sometime next week.

Please look here for the first two videos.

Tomorrow I will be interviewing someone from Baladiyat camp and will provide a full report about the situation there and more info about the experience of Palestinian refugees in Iraq under the Interim Government.

I also made contacts with another Iraqi journalist here in Baghdad who will be helping shoot interviews with his contacts, in order to expand our ability to do work here, despite the tense security situation. Also expect an article soon about exactly what a “fixer” is, and perhaps some more history about Iraq and Baghdad in general.

As always, stay in touch and if you’re curious about something, just ask! Also, if you post a question, please leave your email, or just send it directly to me, as it will ease the response!

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