Baladiyat Camp Under Siege, Again. - 10.27.2005

Our morning interview was cancelled when we received a call from the Baladiyat camp. Baladiyat is a refugee camp for Palestinians living in Iraq. Palestinians are an overlooked group that has somewhere between 10 and 20,000 people still living in Iraq, many of them in Baghdad, most of the rest in Mosul and elsewhere in the North.

The source in the camp, who currently remains anonymous, reported, “Today at approximately 7:50 AM three SUVs of Iraqi Police showed up to raid the camp. They surrounded the camp and began firing their guns in the air, seemingly without provocation.”

He also explained that this type of situation is a regular occurrence in the lives of Palestinians living in Iraq. Palestinian refugees in Iraq have no nationally guaranteed rights, are not considered citizens, and were not allowed to vote in the recent Constitutional Referendum.

Expect to hear more soon about the conditions of Baladiyat camp, as our interview has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Also, I will try to provide a concise history of the Palestinian situation in Iraq.


In other news, we are getting video up slowly but surely, elsewhere than Goggle Video, on, expect to see a further article tonight about internet woes and internet triumphs last night in Baghdad.

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