Suicide Attack in Tahrir Square - 10.23.2005

At 11:30 today there was a suicide car bombing in Tahrir Square in the Bab Al-Sharjiy neighborhood. The car bomber was targeting Iraqi Police operating a checkpoint in the area. He was driving a Volkswagen Golf and pulled up beside another car waiting in traffic. It was at this point that he detonated his explosives.

Tahrir Square was targeted because of its location. Many MNF-I (Multi National Force - Iraq) and Iraqi convoys travel through Tahrir Square on their way to the Green Zone. Tahrir Square is located just above the Jumhuriyah bridge which is a main entrance into the Green Zone.

A man on the scene claimed that Tahrir Square, despite the heavy traffic of MNF-I forces has been generally quiet. However, the far side of the square from the Green Zone, which leads into Sadr City, has seen some clashes and other trouble.

At least three Iraqi Police were killed in the attack, and five civilians wounded. The explosion rattled buildings in the square, blowing out windows all around the area. Four civilian vehicles were destroyed, as well as one Iraqi Police SUV. The wounded civilians were badly injured and are not expected to survive.

The burned-out sedan pictured above belonged to one civilian who was badly injured. His friend provided much of the information about what happened during the attack, but declined to give his name. He was still distraught after the incident and made it clear that he thought the press could do nothing to help the situation.

Elsewhere in Baghdad, in the Al’Adel an Iraqi Police SUV came under attack shortly before 12:45. Due to the heavy presence of Iraqi Police attempting to secure the area, it was impossible to determine anything more about the attack. What was observed was one Iraqi Police SUV, which had crashed into a highway barricade and was riddled with bullets. There were also blood stains on the sand near the vehicle, as well as the barricade.

Please see the full gallery of photos from the Tahrir Square attack here.

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