Final Visa Update - Baghdad by Friday… - 10.19.2005

Today I received my visa and purchased an open ticket on Iraqi Airways. After speaking this evening with my contacts in Baghdad, I plan to fly to Iraq on Friday morning.

It is almost 3 am here, so I won’t write much, and certainly not anything particularly witty or exciting. I hope to write more tomorrow morning, both about today and the visa process, as well as some posts of two more interviews. The interviews were only written, and I have been too busy and absent-minded to write them up until now.

I will be travelling to Baghdad as of Friday morning, and should be in Baghdad proper by Friday afternoon. It is unclear at this point what the internet access will be like, since I will not be staying at one of the ultra-fancy Green Zone hotels, but we will see.

Stay tuned, and expect videos and other updates to be posted very soon.

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