Photo Update #1 - 10.11.2005

It looks like I’ll begin receiving regular photo updates from my contacts here. Look for these updates and be sure to check the Flickr gallery regularly. The photos just posted today are from US Soldiers, but they come through a non-military contact.

I’m told these photos are from last year in Iraq, it is believed they are mostly in the western part of Iraq, but that probably isn’t surprising to anyone.

I hope to have more recent photos posted soon, so please continue to check back. Also, in the future we will try and not post the most graphic of the photos to the main site, but these updates will be available if you check the Flickr gallery regularly. To reach the Flickr gallery, click the photos on the right or click here.

Lastly, keep in mind that Flickr only allows 20MB of upload per month unless you have a pro account. We would greatly appreciate a donation of a pro Flickr account to support our work, or even a small contribution towards a one year account, which costs 25 dollars. This may not seem like much, but it is a budget item we hadn’t anticipated.

edit: If you would like to donate a Flickr pro account to the Alive in Baghdad project, please click here. You must be a Flickr user to access the page (standard accounts are free).

Also, stay tuned for videos. I interviewed 3 Iraqis last night, and I still have the 3 previous interviews to post, all of which should be uploaded soon.

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