Visa Update… - 10.03.2005

I travelled to the Iraqi Embassy today, and met with the man at the front desk. He looked over the papers and sent me on to the back of the Embassy, to look for Walid Alrawi, who is the person to approve visas.

When I went to the back I found what appeared to be some kind of party, and it was unclear at first whether they just did not want to be bothered with me, or whether they really couldn’t help me.

The man I spoke with, who was wearing a nice suit (perhaps an Armani?) told me to go back to the front to speak to a different man.

This man, whose name I didn’t catch, told me to come back on Tuesday, between 9 and 11 in the morning. Everyone there led me to believe that because I am a journalist, if everything checks out, I might receive a visa by the afternoon of the same day!

So tomorrow I will head to the Embassy again, and post an update as soon as I have one.

In other news, I don’t think I will be doing another interview tonight, although there is a chance of a follow-up with Haj Ali. If not, then I should have a segment of the previous interview edited together, and perhaps it will be posted by tomorrow. If the connection is fast enough here.

Also, I reached Mohammad Alwan’s family and will hopefully interview them tomorrow, along with another friend of Haj Ali, and a British Iraqi I met at the Al Monzer. In all, it could be a very productive day!

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