Project Site Back Online! - 01.25.2005

Greetings folks! is back online, after a long period of difficulty with the hosting, servers, etc. Unfortunately, due to the crash we’ve lost our changes and will have to be reconstructing them over the coming days.

The good news is that many things have progressed. We’ve now obtained about a third of our budget in donation promises, and once they all arrive we will be doing well. The visa application process is underway, the application was taken earlier today to the Iraqi Embassy by Travel Document Systems, the company which is facilitating the visa process for the project.

The visa process could take 2 months, possibly even longer. Our itinerary is slated for travel on March 15th, but both the itinerary and the visa will have a window of about three months within which to utilize them for travel to Baghdad. It is my hope that through applications to various funding groups as well as accelerating my fundraising efforts, we will be able to obtain most of the still needed funds by the end of February, as well as having all promised donations come in the first week of March. If the visa comes in before the 15th this will make it possible to go within the desired timeframe. If either of these does not happen by then, I will simply keep working to make it possible to travel to Baghdad to cover the situation and speak with the Iraqis on the ground there as soon as possible.

I have so far enlisted the help of a half dozen volunteers who will be assembling and/or distributing the footage while I am still in Baghdad. By assembling a diverse network of volunteers here in the States to help with this project, it will be possible for the stories of the people living in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq to reach those of us living in the United States and the West with greater speed.

Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering on this project. As well donations are still greatly needed. We are taking donations of money as well as media equipment, minidv tapes, minidiscs, small digital cameras, etc. All of which are items that would greatly assist the project. If possible the project will also try and leave digital cameras with local Iraqis interested in documenting their experiences, and participating in the of archiving and distributing of these documentaries via

salaamu alaikum!

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